Convention Tour Updates

I’ve added the Libertarian Party of Utah Convention to my calendar, and the Libertarian Party of Delaware convention. I’ll be speaking at Delaware, but not at Utah. The Utah Mises Caucus is still fairly small, and needs some growth. If you’re in Utah, and interested in growing the party with principled activists (caucus or not) please reach out to me so I can get you connected.

You can find the video to my Alabama LP Sunday key note speech here.

Libertarian Convention Tour 2021

This spring, I’ll be traveling to speak at Libertarian Party conventions across the country. The overarching theme of my talks is Foundations of Liberty. I’ll be sharing my thoughts on how we can better structure ourselves and communicate our ideas to the world. I’ll also be discussing what the lockdowns have represented, and how to navigate suffering in the LP.

Libertarian Party of Alabama – March 19th – 20th. I’m delivering the key note message Sunday for brunch.

Libertarian Party of Washington – April 23rd – 25th. I’m delivering a speech Friday night.

Libertarian Party of Nevada – May 1st. I’ll be attending the Mises Caucus afterparty. Location/Time TBD.

Libertarian Party of California – May 14th – 16th. I’m hosting the CA Mises Caucus Reception Event on May 14th. Please grab tickets to this event and support the work we’ve been doing in California.

Libertarian Party of Michigan – June. Date TDB 

Libertarian Party of North Carolina – June 18th – 20th.

Porcfest – June. Date TBD. I’ll be speaking in a debate about the best way to achieve liberty.

Texas liberty event – October. Date TBD.

Libertarian Party of Delaware. Date TBD.

I’ll provide more updated dates asap. If you’d like to help with my travel fund, please visit my Patreon page, or donate one time at

I Love Smiles

The CDC recently issued a mask mandate for all public transportation, nationwide. I know most people have prioritized lifting lockdowns over mask mandates but I find this order extremely disturbing.

Two year olds must wear masks when traveling. Cranky two year olds.

You can read more about it in this Reason article.

Mask wearing has rapidly become normalized, and I believe it’s highly detrimental to “society”. (Cringe. I hate that word, but it’s relevant here.) The reason it’s become so normalized is because it’s been pushed by government.

Do I believe that private businesses have the right to enforce mask mandates on private property? Well, yes. But I’m not interested in leading with that argument for several reasons (more on this in the free article in Patreon account.)

I think it’s important to speak out against mask mandates but I find “anti-activism” exhausting at times. So I’m sending all of my Patreon supporters and Chair race donors “I Love Smiles” stickers for Valentines Day. If you so choose, you can go maskless and wear an “I Love Smiles” sticker on your shirt. Or you can gift them to someone who is more troubled by the mask mandates than you are. Sometimes we need a little positive encourage in the face (ha!) of our struggles.

Libertarian Messaging: Let’s Do Better

From my latest Patreon article:

“Sure, Twitter technically has the right to remove users from its platform. Twitter has a lengthy Terms of Service agreement that no one is expected to read, and buried within that agreement are some vague terms that people frequently violate. Twitter arbitrarily enforces those terms on people Twitter doesn’t like. Twitter discriminates.

Is it fraud? Can you make an argument that this fraud is a violation of the Non Aggression Principle? I guess so. But I don’t really care if it’s a violation of the NAP. I’d rather frame it in a way that the average person can understand: censorship on a large scale is a bad idea. It makes entire groups of people feel persecuted for their political views. It turns political groups into “others, enemies, and victims.” In other countries, censorship has been a precursor to civil unrest, violence, political and ethnic cleansing, and civil war.”

Most of my Patreon articles are public and free to read. Please check them out.

Libertarians, in their desperate attempt to appeal to the left and follow the cultural zeitgeist (to hell), are calling Trump supporters terrorists, rioters, treasonists, stupid idiots, and all manner of insults. In four years, we will beg these same people to vote for us.

When we call half of the country stupid, we should think about what the end result might be. I think it’s a good idea to call out stupid things that organizations and industries controlled by the left (and right) do. I think it’s okay to call institutions and policies idiotic and dangerous. But I think when libertarians start calling half of the population stupid, or dehumanizing them, we run into an obvious problem. 

We are trying to convert people to libertarianism, not convince them to go to civil war with us. It’s difficult to convince conservatives to trust our political goals while some libertarians constantly dehumanize them or call them terrorists.  Many of these Trump supporters are completely disenfranchised by their party and disgraced political savior right now. We should welcome the ones who are receptive to our message and be patient with the ones who are on the fence.

Don’t get too riled up with hatred or ridicule. Remember the whole point of our movement: to win people over for the cause of liberty.

What Does Liberty Look Like In Other Countries?

Did you know Canada has a Libertarian Party? So does the Netherlands. So do several countries in Africa. It’s a global movement. If you’re wondering what the Libertarian Party of Canada thinks about my chair race and the messaging coming from our Libertarian Party, you can check out my interview with Tim Moen here.

Tim is an excellent advocate for liberty. Heed his warnings about how bad government healthcare is. It’s no joke.

Latest Podcasts and Updates About My Chair Race

Last week, I appeared on Pete Quinones’ podcast and shared some tough love thoughts on the Libertarian Party. You can find the episode here.

The best way to help the Libertarian Party get back on track with better messaging and liberty activism is to get involved in your local, county level party. Join and commit to be active at least once a month. In Los Angeles, you can join at

You can hear more of my thoughts on the future of the LP at Fritz Cast and Yer Talkin Over Me Podcast

Save California’s Restaurants

The California Libertarian Party Mises Caucus is sponsoring a petition to end the bans on outdoor dining in LA County. We need to start locally and gain enough support in blue metropolitan cities to the point that Gavin Newsom loses his support base.

Fight locally, then fight at the state level. We’ll be attaching the signatures to a proposed resolution to refuse to follow Newsom’s orders to close outdoor dining.

Let’s take this first step together. Please share the petition and support your local restaurants in the meantime.

Libertarian Podcast Appearances

I’ll be on Pete Quinones’ podcast this week, Free Man Beyond the Wall. Pete has a fantastic podcast. You can find it on all the usual channels, including Stitcher and Youtube. I also recommend you search out his Substack.

Earlier this week, I recorded with Why Libertarian

and Mark Selzer, former LA County LP Chair

Why so many podcasts appearances? Well, why not? I’m interested in changing the culture within the Libertarian Party and I need to make the case with as many people as possible.

Debate! Who Should Libertarians Vote for?

Are you ready to see me smash opponents in a political debate? Check out the Soho Forum debate this Wednesday, 7/22!

Soho FOrum Debate

From The Soho Forum:

For Biden:

Ilya Somin is an accomplished author and Professor of Law at George Mason University. He writes extensively about democratic theory, property rights, federalism, and immigration.

For Jorgensen:

Angela McArdle is a litigation paralegal, Chair of the Libertarian Party of Los Angeles County, and two time congressional candidate. Angela is also a co-organizer for the protest efforts against the Stay at Home Orders in Los Angeles, and works as a cultural activist for liberty..

For Trump:

Francis Menton writes the popular Manhattan Contrarian blog ( which has been featured in outlets that include Real Clear Politics, Power Line, and Instapundit. He is a retired litigator.