Donate to Your Liberty Candidate!

Fellow Californians,

We have serious problems in America right now!

Our rights as citizens are being ripped away by a runaway federal government, people are terrified, and our country is divided by two political parties that serve the same master.

Most people don’t know that there’s an easy way to protect our political needs at the state level.

Each election cycle, we’re desperate for the new President to solve all of our problems, but most don’t realize they’re just spinning their wheels.

Yet… there’s a solution within our reach!

And it’s so “brain-dead simple” you might not even believe it’s true.

I promise you this: the solution is real as I will show you SOLID PROOF of how citizens have used it in the past.

Look at these stunning successes:

* “Right to Try” Laws

A noticeably bipartisan effort in 24 or more states, “Right to Try” laws authorize patients with serious or immediate life threatening illnesses to try experimental drugs without waiting for FDA approval.

* Same Sex Marriage

Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Iowa became the first states to pass laws legalizing same sex marriage, and paving the way for its eventual federal recognition.

* Cannabis Legalization

26 states have now passed laws legalizing medical cannabis, in spite of the federal government’s view that cannabis is a Schedule 1 drug. In fact, 3 Presidential candidates in the last election all felt that cannabis should be decriminalized.

* License Plate Data Collection

Minnesota, New Hampshire, Utah and Arkansas have all passed laws restricting the federal government’s access to their license plate tracking data, and these states have passed laws limiting the use of license plate trackers, in general.

* Militarization of the Police

In 2015, New Jersey passed a law requiring law enforcement to obtain permission from local government before obtaining any military equipment from the federal government.

This is part of that famous system of checks and balances they teach you about in school — but never fully explain.

The founders left specific protections in the form of checks and balances so the states (and their citizens) couldn’t be overrun by a tyrannical, federal government or a rabid, power-crazed president.

One of the most powerful checks on the federal government is called the 10th Amendment. Here in California, you’ve already seen evidence of the 10th Amendment in use and didn’t even know it:

* Same Sex Marriage

California was the 4th state to legalize same sex marriage and helped to pave the way for federal recognition of same sex marriage.

* Cannabis Legalization

In 1996, California passed Proposition 215, which legalized cannabis for medical use. In 2016, California passed the Adult Use of Medical Marijuana Act, and legalized recreational cannabis use.

The 10th Amendment has successfully blocked federal overreach in many other states as well.

By upholding the 10th Amendment, and the other rights given to us in the Bill of Rights, the people can take their nation back from the hands of the fatally corrupt federal government.

That’s why I’m committed to upholding the 10th Amendment and States’ Rights. After being elected as a member of Congress, I promise to uphold the 10th Amendment in each congressional vote, to hold our new President accountable to his constitutional duties, and to protect and serve the people of California.

Now, in order to protect your rights, I need your help!

Launching a real campaign can be quite costly when you’re not in the pocket of special interests … and that’s why I am reaching out to you…

I’m already out of pocket several hundred dollars — and that’s just a drop in the bucket compared to what a half-way decent campaign costs. I need $1,700 to file my registration, $5,000 for my candidate statement and additional cash to pay for marketing, advertising, campaign consulting and extra sets of helping hands.

Please consider a donation to my campaign so I can fight for our rights in Washington and protect the people of California! Even $10 or $20 helps, as many hands make light work.

Thanks for reading!

Your hopeful representative,

Angela McArdle
Libertarian Nominee for the 34th Congressional District

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Paralegal, legal document assistant, Congressional Candidate for 34th District

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