Candidate Statement

I submitted my Candidate Statement to the County Recorder’s Election office Thursday, February 9th. This statement will be printed next to my name in the ballot:

“Because iron-clad protection is built into the Constitution, there’s no reason to fear the current Federal Administration. Angela McArdle knows the 10th Amendment protects California from unconstitutional Federal bullying, and she knows how to use it.

Since enforcing the 10th Amendment is almost considered taboo (even though it has been used to legalize cannabis and same-sex marriage in many States), most candidates won’t even consider using it to resist federal tyranny, support secession, or call out both major parties for the 16 year long war in the Middle East.

Before throwing your vote away on another candidate who bends to the will of Washington power-players & lobbyists, consider electing someone who believes government’s place is to serve its people, not a get-rich quick scheme to serve corporate special interests.

We need Angela McArdle. Now, with her leadership, California can guard itself from a dictatorial Federal government and underhanded special interests, while flourishing under its own local governance. Working in the legal profession, Angela’s been defending Angelenos from wrongful foreclosures and evictions for over seven years. Angela fights the oppressive laws that force people into homelessness, and crushes predatory lenders and slumlords with the power of the law.  The district needs a representative who isn’t afraid to strip the federal government of its unlawful powers. Healthcare, immigrant communities, job growth, civil rights and our environment can all be protected on a state level by a candidate like Angela who knows the Constitution.  Vote for Angela. She isn’t afraid of the federal government.”

Published by angelamcardle

Paralegal, legal document assistant, Congressional Candidate for 34th District

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