LPC Bylaws Report

The LPC Convention is just around the corner and that means we’ll be voting on changes to the bylaws! I was on the Bylaws Committee this year and I’ve shared some of my thoughts in this youtube video.

You can can find the full text of the official bylaws report below.

2019 Bylaws Committee Report-Final 1.25.19 (1) (2)

One of the the important roles executive committee officers fill is to participate in committees at the state level.  This past year, I was on way too many committees – but the roles needed to be filled and I was happy to step up and do the work. If I’m elected as Southern Region Coordinator next year, I hope to stay on the Social Media Committee, Candidate Support Committee, and possibly the Bylaws Committee. If elected, I would be on the Affiliate Support Committee by default, because of the role that I’d play supporting and growing affiliates.

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Paralegal, legal document assistant, Congressional Candidate for 34th District

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