Debate! Who Should Libertarians Vote for?

Are you ready to see me smash opponents in a political debate? Check out the Soho Forum debate this Wednesday, 7/22!

Soho FOrum Debate

From The Soho Forum:

For Biden:

Ilya Somin is an accomplished author and Professor of Law at George Mason University. He writes extensively about democratic theory, property rights, federalism, and immigration.

For Jorgensen:

Angela McArdle is a litigation paralegal, Chair of the Libertarian Party of Los Angeles County, and two time congressional candidate. Angela is also a co-organizer for the protest efforts against the Stay at Home Orders in Los Angeles, and works as a cultural activist for liberty..

For Trump:

Francis Menton writes the popular Manhattan Contrarian blog ( which has been featured in outlets that include Real Clear Politics, Power Line, and Instapundit. He is a retired litigator.

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Paralegal, legal document assistant, Congressional Candidate for 34th District

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