Latest Podcasts and Updates About My Chair Race

Last week, I appeared on Pete Quinones’ podcast and shared some tough love thoughts on the Libertarian Party. You can find the episode here. The best way to help the Libertarian Party get back on track with better messaging and liberty activism is to get involved in your local, county level party. Join and commitContinue reading “Latest Podcasts and Updates About My Chair Race”

Save California’s Restaurants

The California Libertarian Party Mises Caucus is sponsoring a petition to end the bans on outdoor dining in LA County. We need to start locally and gain enough support in blue metropolitan cities to the point that Gavin Newsom loses his support base. Fight locally, then fight at the state level. We’ll be attaching theContinue reading “Save California’s Restaurants”

Libertarian Podcast Appearances

I’ll be on Pete Quinones’ podcast this week, Free Man Beyond the Wall. Pete has a fantastic podcast. You can find it on all the usual channels, including Stitcher and Youtube. I also recommend you search out his Substack. Earlier this week, I recorded with Why Libertarian and Mark Selzer, former LA County LP ChairContinue reading “Libertarian Podcast Appearances”