I Love Smiles

The CDC recently issued a mask mandate for all public transportation, nationwide. I know most people have prioritized lifting lockdowns over mask mandates but I find this order extremely disturbing.

Two year olds must wear masks when traveling. Cranky two year olds.

You can read more about it in this Reason article.

Mask wearing has rapidly become normalized, and I believe it’s highly detrimental to “society”. (Cringe. I hate that word, but it’s relevant here.) The reason it’s become so normalized is because it’s been pushed by government.

Do I believe that private businesses have the right to enforce mask mandates on private property? Well, yes. But I’m not interested in leading with that argument for several reasons (more on this in the free article in Patreon account.)

I think it’s important to speak out against mask mandates but I find “anti-activism” exhausting at times. So I’m sending all of my Patreon supporters and Chair race donors “I Love Smiles” stickers for Valentines Day. If you so choose, you can go maskless and wear an “I Love Smiles” sticker on your shirt. Or you can gift them to someone who is more troubled by the mask mandates than you are. Sometimes we need a little positive encourage in the face (ha!) of our struggles.

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Paralegal, legal document assistant, Congressional Candidate for 34th District

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