Libertarian Convention Tour 2021

This spring, I’ll be traveling to speak at Libertarian Party conventions across the country. The overarching theme of my talks is Foundations of Liberty. I’ll be sharing my thoughts on how we can better structure ourselves and communicate our ideas to the world. I’ll also be discussing what the lockdowns have represented, and how to navigate suffering in the LP.

Libertarian Party of Alabama – March 19th – 20th. I’m delivering the key note message Sunday for brunch.

Libertarian Party of Washington – April 23rd – 25th. I’m delivering a speech Friday night.

Libertarian Party of Nevada – May 1st. I’ll be attending the Mises Caucus afterparty. Location/Time TBD.

Libertarian Party of California – May 14th – 16th. I’m hosting the CA Mises Caucus Reception Event on May 14th. Please grab tickets to this event and support the work we’ve been doing in California.

Libertarian Party of Michigan – June. Date TDB 

Libertarian Party of North Carolina – June 18th – 20th.

Porcfest – June. Date TBD. I’ll be speaking in a debate about the best way to achieve liberty.

Texas liberty event – October. Date TBD.

Libertarian Party of Delaware. Date TBD.

I’ll provide more updated dates asap. If you’d like to help with my travel fund, please visit my Patreon page, or donate one time at

Published by angelamcardle

Paralegal, legal document assistant, Congressional Candidate for 34th District

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