My Talk At The Delaware Liberty Speaks Event

Here’s a rough draft of my talk from the Delaware Liberty Speaks event.


The last year or so is a better example than anything else in our lifetimes of what kind of horror is unleashed upon the world when society abandons the ideas of individualism and freedom.

People lost their jobs, their family businesses, their savings, their children’s college funds… suicide, alcoholism, and domestic violence rates soared. Civil liberties all but disappeared.

People gave into tyranny for the sake of the greater good – to save “society”. To save YOU whether you like it or not. Whether it helped or not. Whether it hurt or not.

While thousands of people protested the government’s actions, millions more were compliant. LOTS of people knew in their hearts that the lockdowns were wrong, but they didn’t speak out. They complied. 

What an uncomfortable realization…many people in this country do not want or value personal liberty, and they don’t want you to have freedom either.

Why have so many people given in to the narrative that we need to be locked down, masked up and injected with an experimental vaccine in order to be “safe” and “normal”?


We live in country that fought a revolution over a 3% tax. And here we are now.

We’re in exile.

We’ve drifted SO FAR from the founding principles of this country and from what we all immediately associate with the word “freedom”, that it’s like we’ve undergone a painful separation, an exile, from liberty.

And now we’re floundering in the wilderness, aimless, frustrated, confused, lashing out at each other. Trying to get SOMEWHERE better with no idea how to do it.


Why did this happen? How?

We can look back in history and see most of the major errors – for those of us who KNOW our history. And that’s a part of it – ignorance. Laziness. But how did we get to the point that half of the country was willing to stay home on house arrest for a year?


People behave a certain way when they’re gripped by fear.

And we have cultivated a culture of fear.

Everything from helicopter parents to hyper vigilant food safety to terror alerts. It all conditions us to be afraid of the world we live in. To beg for safety measures. To beg for a snug little cage. To snuff out our curiosity and bravery.

Fear is the little death that brings total obliteration.

And to what benefit?

Avoiding danger is no safer in the long run than exposing yourself. The fearful are caught as often as the bold – as we saw with different state strategies on lockdowns and with people who stayed at home & still got sick.

Fear infects you. It warps your judgment and overtakes your… It makes you susceptible to the other thing that’s wreaked so much havok on us during the past year. LIES.

The culture of lies.

People are fearful, and they’re lied to. Brazenly! Out in the open!

Our government lied to us about the effictiveness of lockdowns. It lied to us about PCR testing. It lied to us about mask mandates and it’s lying to us about the safety and efficacy of COVID vaccines now.

Before that, it lied to us about the war on terror, and the war on drugs, and the war in Vietnam…

It’s what we’ve come to accept. And we romanticize lying and deception in entertainment too. It’s a cultural problem, and we need to fix it.

Truth is the antidote. Truth is treason in an empire of lies.

The journey out of exile.

So we’re lost in a metaphorical desert, blinded by lies and fear. 

What will our journey out of exile look like?

Consider this: It is more important for the people who live in this country to escape the bondage of fear and lies, than it is to regain their physical freedoms. No one who opposes lockdowns wants to hear that. It’s a hard truth. But the reality is, without the truth and without bravery, we’ll just get locked down AGAIN AND AGAIN.

We can’t restore freedom in this country until  we open people’s minds, until we chase the fear out of people’s hearts.

Now let’s talk about waking people up.

The first rally cries for freedom are usually met by people like us with a good deal of acceptance. The prospect of a magical release without cost or difficulty is always met with approval. But the fight for freedom is never without cost and struggle. There’s no moment in history where it ever has been. 

It’s in the context of this struggle that important, foundational questions emerge: What is freedom? What is its power? Can people be trusted with their own freedom? What’s more valuable – freedom or security? 

Now we’re honing in on a real problem: people are ignorant of the relationship between freedom and personal responsibility. Until they come to understand the relationship between the two, deliverance from oppressors will only lead to different oppressors.

This is something we’ve got to wake people up to because this ignorance was weaponized against us last year when the societal mantra turned to collective responsibility. “You have to wear a mask so you don’t get anyone else sick. We’re all in this together. Stay home, save lives.” These slogans are off base because the don’t consider personal responsibility.

Let’s drill down into this issue a little more: Can someone be totally free without assuming any personal responsibility? Maybe? It depends on what you’re talking about when you talk about freedom.

A good example is a homeless drug addict on Skidrow. Running “free” on the streets, “free” of responsibility, but trapped in the prison of addiction, in a cycle of pain and torment. 

This is what I’m talking about when I say that people can be trapped by their own ideological prisons. What difference does it make if you have freedom from government but you’re enslaved by something else? Enslaved by a bad ideology?

Assume responsibility for yourself, for your own actions, so you can manage your freedom and safeguard your liberties from thieves and abusers. This is what we need to teach people so that we can reunite with our God given freedoms.

More on the brainwashing: The Cathedral and its Devotees:

The people in power are brainwashed by fear and lies, too, just in a different way.

Since so many people treat Fauci like a god or like the high priest of the Church of Science, why shouldn’t he act that way? There was no incentive for him to obey the demands of the American people. 

Since he doesnt accept the reality of the damage central planning causes, since he refuses to acknowledge personal sovereignty and personal responsibility, he has to imagine some other reason for the public outcry. People must be stupid, or underserving of their freedom, or evil.

This is what we’re up against. A frightened, hypnotized population led into the darkness by liars who don’t believe we should control our own lives.

We’ve got to wake people up and we’ve got to FIGHT BACK.

The beginning of the journey:

A real battle for liberty will make our immediate situation more difficult, not easier. 

To begin to pursue freedom is to attract the attention and the wrath of the enemies of liberty. 

When you speak up, you draw the Eye of Sauron upon you. I know some of you in Delaware already feel this way. 

This battle brings to a sharp focus some important questions: 

We see how this crisis, which exists as a result of government’s recalcitrance and the dramatically worsened situation, will provide a setting for the much-needed demonstration of character that should come out of the LP.

Physical deliverance from lockdowns and vaccine passports cannot happen until we have a spiritual, psychological and emotional awakening.

We need to embrace freedom in our hearts, with its uncertainty, with its perils, with its boundless opportunities.


How do we begin to combat that? 

Tell the truth.

The truth will set you free.

Truthburns off all of the lies and the fear. 

It strips you of the extraneous excuses you’ve made up that allow you to live a compartmentalized, inconsistent life. It’s like a refiner’s fire. It can be PAINFUL to feel your old worldview burn off and watch the ashes blow away in the wind.

We’ve all seen at least one friend go through that process the last year. Or maybe you went through it yourself.

Have you ever seen the movie They Live?

There’s this epic fight in the movie where the main character is trying to make his friend put on a pair of special glasses so that he can see the deception that’s actually taking place in the world around him. And the friend refuses – because he’s afraid of the truth. He doesnt want to know, so they have a brutal fist fight in an alley until the friend is finally beat down, physically and metaphorically, to the point that he has no choice but to put on the glasses and see the world for what it really is.

What does it do to your soul when you sit on the truth?

When you refuse to speak out – out of fear, cowardice, whatever – refuse to share the truth when you know everyone around you is lying, it’s like it kills a little part of your soul. You can feel your spirit wither. When you know the truth, and refuse to speak the truth, it’s like living a lie.

We need boldness and bravery. We need the courage to speak the truth so we can end this miserable exile.  

“This little light of mine. I’m gonna let it shine.” That’s how the song goes.

You pay a price for everything you do and everything you dont do, and that includes silence.

It’s not all bad, though. 

The truth will build you up. It’ll strenthen you. It’ll be your armour and your shield and it’ll help you become couragous. 


Not everyone is brave.

How do you become brave?

You need to confront 3 things:

1) Yourself, 2) your surroundings (or your affiliate), 3) and the world


Many people never get to the point of confronting themselves because it seems too unbearable, and this why they struggle to effect meaningful change in the world – or to do it without wrecking things around them. They stay lost in their own mental wilderness.

The best way to confront yourself is to rip the bandaid off quickly.

No one is perfect. There is no perfect libertarian. 

You already know what’s wrong with yourself internally but you’re too afraid to articulate it in your head or say it out loud…. So just get it over with as quickly as possible.

Maybe you’re fearful, and you’re in debt, and you’re disorganized.

But you’ve also got plenty of marketable skills, you‘re very well read on libertarian philosophy, and on some days you’re very generous…

… So how do you take all of that stuff, your personal baggage, and become brave?

You start by working on one thing at a time.

Maybe you have authoritarian family members who praise Fauci all day long and every time you hear it you grind your teeth but you never say anything, even though you’re a very articulate messenger. 

Well, maybe you can start by piping up, respectfully, and putting some of that articulate messaging out there. 

“Well, aktchually, mom and Dad,lockdowns have failed and pcr testing isn’t being used properly and here’s the evidence. I know you’re a compassionate, intelligent person so I think should reconsider what you’ve heard in the media.”

Tackle these things one thing at a time, It’ll make you brave.

Back to that journey out of exile.

Our foundation is truth, and bravery. But there has to be a fight, and you have to ask yourself:

How much are you willing to give up?

 At what point does living…become a meager existence or subsistence?

 What act would it take by government to get you riled up enough to really put something on the line, to sacrifice?

 Many people who hate lockdowns were afraid to have an uncomfortable 20 second interaction with a grocery store employee over masks.

I know, people scream about private property rights. They make all kinds of excuses to enable government policies to ruin our lives and rob us of joy.

Cowardice is a real problem in this country. Most of us are very soft. We enjoy the comforts of an extremely prosperous, capitalist society that has given us a lot of comforts at wonderful discount prices.

I’m extremely grateful for those things. I’m grateful for Ikea furniture, grocery delivery, and post-scarcity levels of entertainment.

So many people are distracted from our descent into totalitarianism by so many different things. And libertarians have our bread and circuses. Infighting and drama, insulating ourselves too much, etc.; slipping into revolutionary daydreams while we do nothing effectively on the outside.

Do you think we can keep all of that if we have the government shut down a huge chunk of our economy and put us on house arrest and put a quarter of us out of work and divide us in a race war?

It’s a Republic “if you can keep it”. That’s what Ben Franklin said.

If you want to keep the freedoms you have left, you’ve got to be willing to make some sacrifices. Rather than tell you to go storm the governor’s house (which I know you will not) I want to propose a challenge that you can actually do: push a little bit past your comfort zone.

Take your mask off in the grocery store and see what happens.

Go to shooting range if you’ve never shot a gun.

Buy a gun if you’ve been putting it off.

Tell *one friend* IN PERSON why you think lockdowns are wrong.

Fake a vaccine certificate.

What ever your comfort zone is, push past it just a little bit. Toughen up. Get strong.

Are you interested in medical freedom? Dissolving the mirage of mainstream medical narratives? Then change your diet, work out, get in shape to escape the state.

We all want to see a change in this world but we’ve got to be that change if you want to see that change.

You’ve got gun grabber bills that are coming down the pipeline in Delaware. Let’s do something about it.

What about the mandatory vaccine proposals? Vaccine passports?

All of this stuff in the product of people’s apathy and fear. It is pushed by government propaganda and LIES.

Let’s fight back against it. HARD.


And we need to fight back together.

We’re divided by superficial political labels. Democrats and progressives who oppose lockdowns are afraid to be seen at protests with Trump supporters. People are afraid to take off their masks because they think other people will assume they’re Republicans.

We don’t have time for that.

We don’t have to be afraid of someone raising their eyebrows at us. Bravery 101.

We have to deal with a government that robbed the entire nation of due process because of germs. We have to deal with a government that wants to disarm us, to rob us of joy, to separate us from our families during the holidays, to force our grandparents into nursing homes with sick people while refusing to allow us to visit with them…

We can’t be paranoid of what our neighbors might think of us; we have to stand against mass murderers, and stand WITH each other.

Last words about bravery.

People get bullied because they wont fight back

How do societies lose their freedom? One little sin at a time. You go to work, someone’s lording their cubicle authority over you, someone’s tyrannical – you don’t have the wherewithal to stand up. You see someone else being bullied or censored, you don’t have the backbone to stand up for them. Government thugs rob you of your income and lock you in your home and you roll over to them.

It’s like, Ok! You’re a slave. And if you continue to be a slave, you will continue to generate tyrants. And the only thing that can stop you from behaving that way once you’re locked into that pattern is the right kind of terror. Be careful what you give up, because you don’t know what kind of terror you’re unwittingly unleashing upon yourself.

The forces of tyranny expand to occupy any space made available for their existence. People who refuse to defend themselves with their speech  are just as vulnerable to exploitation as those who are genuinely unable to stand up for their own rights because of a disability or other serious limitation on their physical or intellectual power.

Slavery is miserable. Revolting is dangerous. Liberty is inherently dangerous; it is not safe. But think for a moment – neither is subjecting yourself to the whim of a tyrant who doesn’t care about you.


Let’s end this exile. Let’s begin the journey to reclaim our freedom together. We are not intellectualy crippled. We are the best and brightest. We have the best philosophy. We have the best solutions.

Let’s be the bravest people.

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