My Talk At The LP Florida Convention

I’m traveling to Freedomfest tomorrow and speaking on a couple panels during the film festival. Here’s a rough transcript of the talk I gave in Florida last month. I’ll be posting a few more updates soon. For more timely updates, you can subscribe to my Patreon. Thank you to everyone who’s been supportive of my chair race.

Bringing the LP Out of the Fog

Lack of courage to face challenges and confront the unknown

I talk a lot about the lack of courage within the LP.  LP National lacks the courage to speak out against lockdowns and present libertarian ideas in a bold, confident manner. 

I’ve also talked about LP National’s lack of vision. At the national level, we don’t communicate tangible goals or a vision for the future. 

These problems are tied together. Let’s drill down into these issues a little deeper.

It’s convenient to lack courage and lack vision because it protects you from accountability.

Fear and inability to integrate our shadow

Why are some of us so terrified to tackle the challenges that face us within the party? Why are some of us afraid to master the infighting, the brutalist messaging, the difficult topics?

Every person has a shadow, a dark side, and when you try to flee from it, you will fail because YOU CANNOT ESCAPE YOURSELF.

And what the LP is doing when it refuses to address some of ugliness and the in-fighting, some of the most challenging topics within libertarianism, is it’s hiding from its own shadow.

We cannot escape the tough topics in libertarianism because THEY ARE A PART OF LIBERTARIANISM. Our refusal to address these issues honestly and openly – lockdowns v. safety and compassion, medical freedom, how responsibility relates to freedom, legalizing hard drug use, the problem with government employees, the role of the soldier in the war on terror… 

Our refusal to address these issues openly and honestly has lead to political schizophrenia within our organization because we are not acting in alignment with our own philosophy and values. We are hiding from the parts of our philosophy that we haven’t yet mastered.

The answer isnt to run away from conflict or challenges – it’s to address it directly, conquer our challenges in messaging and internal conflict, and integrate our shadow.

But right now, we’re afraid to confront tough issues, so we live with this elephant in the room – this monstrous, frightening shadow-  and we live in fear.

Imagination, willingness

We’re so stifled in this party, desperate for *what we perceive* is professionalism. But LP National isn’t really striving for professionalism, it’s going after this one dimensional, low resolution version of professionalism. Suits and ties, polite language. It’s superficial and shallow.

It takes imagination to have vision and come up with solutions to these challenges. And LP National has cut itself off from imagination, from boldness, creativity and ingenuity.

Fear of failure and rejection

It’s cut itself of from the creative process. On the national level, we refuse to address these issues because we’re afraid of failure. But the stakes are so small. 200 something elected officials nationwide… We’re terrified of losing, while we’re not even winners.

It will take creativity, courage, vision, and honesty to break out of this mindset.

Imagination is the key to self-improvement.

Your mind has the potential to change your future self. 

The most successful individuals had visions of things nobody had seen or done before. They challenged the social order. A fantastic story has the potential to inspire people. That;s why imagination is a priceless asset. It’s much more important than a suit & tie, than a play-it-safe slogan, than pandering.

Imagination allows us to confront the unknowns of the world around us and to reach deep into the soul of the average person and change them in a profound way.

That’s what we need to do as libertarians,


Many of us are scared of ourselves, others, and the world we live in. Dark times in your life, and in history, are like fog. Like lockdowns. In the LP, we’re afraid of not knowing what we want, or knowing exactly what we want but failing to acquire it. 

There are several bad habits we have that cultivate a culture of losing.

We fear that failure is the most likely outcome, so we paint ourselves as losers so that we can accept what we perceive is our inevitable outcome. 

AND we are often terrified to define failure. This is so we can celebrateo our failures as if they were successes. 

The outcome of these fears is that we don’t let ourselves understand what we want we dont ever seek more, and we dont win big. 

And this is why we are afraid to define success and set goals.

People tend to hide things they don’t like in the so-called fog. This fog is the refusal to carefully consider conflicts as they emerge, failure to set defined goals and a failure to communicate them to yourself and the people around you. To be successful, you should be able to notice and convey your thoughts, feelings, and goals. If you manage to do this, you are able to determine if your actions are in alignment with your stated purpose. 


We challenge the cult of the omnipotent state. 

We need to relentlessly pursue freedom and chase it with unmatched passion 

If we seek out our purpose then other goals will be met along the way- winning elections, – maintaining ballot access, – growing voter registration, – growing membership

All of these things can be done in alignment with our purpose

But we need to integrate our shadow, confront our demons, and embrace our own philosophy.

I hope to lead the LP in this effort at the national level next year.

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