From Inspiring to Strategic

I’ve spent a lot of time inspiring everyone to stick it out with the Libertarian Party, and to stay optimistic and purpose-driven, instead of nihilistic and reactionary.

I still find all of that very important, but lately I’ve shifted my talks towards strategy: what do we do when we “take over” the Libertarian Party, how do manage an organization successfully, what is “success”, and how do we start beating back the state?

Los Angeles is implementing a vaccine passport law soon and I’m filing an initiative to overturn the law and force it to a special election. We don’t know if our initiative will be successful, but I do know that no one is motivated by “loser energy” or a Debbie Downer. We have to fight as hard for our rights. We have to fight hard to energize the people who’ve lost hope and are discouraged.

If you’d like to help the Los Angeles Libertarian Party fight back against the mandate, please donate at

If you’d like to fund my work on the initiative, you can paypal me at and/or controbute to my Patreon fund.

Published by angelamcardle

Paralegal, legal document assistant, Congressional Candidate for 34th District

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