Angela McArdle is running as a Representative for California’s 34th Congressional District.

Angela has worked as a paralegal and legal aid for over seven years.  Angela currently works in litigation and also has a private practice where she provides self help legal services to low income clients. The bulk of Angela’s practices focuses on tenant’s rights, eviction defense, debt relief and fighting wage garnishments.

Angela also works part time as a craniosacral therapist, providing her clients relief from a variety of neurological and autoimmune disorders.

Angela is also very active in the Los Angeles social justice community and is a strong advocate for the LA homeless community. She is a regular volunteer at Los Angeles Food Not Bombs, she advocates for shelter programs, affordable housing, alternative healthcare and vegan food choices for the homeless. Angela’s approach to social justice is to minister to the needs of the community with as little government involvement as possible.  Angela advocates for the most vulnerable people of LA by emphasizing compassion, non-judgment, empowerment and personal accountability.

Angela was a key organizer for the Los Angeles 2013 protest against a ban on feeding in public rights of way. Angela believes strongly in the sanctity of personal choice and allowing people to govern their own lives.

Angela received her Bachelor’s Degree in Organizational Leadership from Biola University in 2009 and a Paralegal Certificate from UCLA Extension in 2013.  Angela is also trained as a craniosacral therapist through the Upledger Institute.