Angela McArdle for LPC Southern Region Coordinator

The Libertarian Party of California’s internal elections are coming up April 5 -7th in Concord, CA and I want to share my vision with you about the future of the southern part of our state. 

Imagine a California with lower taxes, less regulation, more money in your pocket, more job opportunities, a lower cost of living and more personal freedom. Do you think that’s possible? I do! And I’m already working to achieve that for you over the next couple of years.  

I need you to make this vision possible by supporting me in my run for Southern Region Coordinator at the state convention. Your vote helps us grow our party by supporting the work I’ve already put forth to support the affiliates, equip our future candidates, and run seriously competitive local elections. 

Every county in the south is different. 

That’s why I’ve been working hard over the past year to equip the counties with all of the tools they need to succeed. Each county has different needs, depending on its available resources and demographics. 

At a minimum, each county needs a list of members, a list of national LP members, voter registration data, and a demographics breakdown.  This helps each county figure out who their target audiences are and enables them to set realistic, measurable goals for growth. 

I believe small and new counties also need help with fundraising, outreach materials, event planning, and marketing. Each of these potential needs will depend on the existing skill sets of each county ex com, and the time and ability they have to learn these trades. Every county is unique and there is no “one size fits all” plan. 

In the past year in Los Angeles, I have worked hard to grow the membership, set up three new regional meetings, table at colleges, support candidates, engage the media, and establish systems to keep our operations running in the future. 

Los Angeles County has also just launched Operation First Steps, a strategy to win local elections in 2019 and 2020. 

I’ve also organized the first “All Counties Ex Com” call and coordinated support and communication between the county affiliates. Soon, I’ll be sharing marketing and analytics resources with the county affiliates on our next call.  

I’d like to share all of my skill sets and resources with new and existing counties so we can grow and learn together. That’s why I know I’m the best candidate for this position and I’m asking for your vote. 

We’ve already got several promising campaigns lining up for 2020 and we need to grow and support our counties in order to succeed.  Your pledge to vote for me as southern region coordinator at this year’s convention will help us usher in a gold wave of freedom in 2020! 

Below, you can read more about my track record and the commitments I will make to you for the next two years. 

My Resume
Angela McArdle
(909) 239-0798


As Southern Region Coordinator, my goal is to assess each county in my region and set a realistic goal for growth in each county, tailored to the county’s needs and demographics. I plan to establish an affiliate in Imperial County as well, and to assist the central and northern region coordinators in their efforts.

Relevant Experience
LPC Secretary – 2018 – 2019
● Perform secretarial duties for the state party
● Active executive committee member
● Participated in 7 committees: Operations Committee, Candidate Support Committee, Bylaws Committee, Social Media Committee, Website Committee, Volunteer Committee, Style Committee
● Work with all counties to organize strategy calls to improve our growth
● Provide data to counties to assist in growth
LPLAC Chair – 2018 – 2019
● Perform chair duties for the LA County Party
● Provide candidate support to LA County Libertarians
● Implement Operation First Steps at the county level
● Gain new members
● Establish county level CRM and processes to retain information for future generations
● Establish 3 new regional meetings with an emphasis on new membership and local activism
● Organize successful county convention with high quality speakers
LPLAC Region 63 Chair – 2017 – 2019
● Perform chair duties for largest regional meetup in LA County
● Organize speakers every month
● Gain new members
Mises Caucus CA Coordinator – 2018 – 2019
● Grown from 6 dues paying members to 13
● Gained formal recognition from the LPC
● Organize economic literacy outreach plan for the public
CA’s 34th District Congressional Candidate – 2017 – 2018
● Ran for Congress, twice, in a special election and regular election
● Treasurer of my own campaigns, all relevant candidate support/treasury experience
● Coordinated social media, promotions, events, wrote messaging, attended interviews, voter
outreach, volunteer coordinating
CCHI Volunteer – 2016
● Collected signatures for California Cannabis Legalization Initiative
● Attended events & spoke on the initiative
SB277 Referendum Volunteer – 2016
● Collected signatures to repeal the SB277 forced vaccination law
Monday Night Mission Organizer – 2013 – 2017
● Organized and coordinated over 100 volunteers to feed homeless people in Skidrow
times per week
● Social media promotions
● Organized protests, got permits and coordinated with media
● Provided crisis counseling and first aid care for homeless people
Food Not Bombs – 2013 – 2018
● Organized 20 volunteers to feed homeless people in Skidrow every Sunday
● Oversaw cooking operations
● Picked up produce donations
● Organized events and coordinated with media
● Provided crisis counseling and first aid care for homeless people
The Burrow – 2002 – 2011
● Organized volunteers to feed and care for rescued small animals
● Feed and care for rescued small animals
Relevant Education
UCLA Extension – Paralegal Certificate, emphasis on legal issues impacting urban
BIOLA University – Bachelor of Science in Organizational Leadership
My Commitment to You
During 2019 and 2020, I will not run for public office. I have run for Congress twice now and I believe the Libertarian Party needs a strong support base for its 2020 candidates. I commit to being a part of that support base for now so we can run more successful elections in the future.
Most of the south region is already established with active affiliates.  I commit to establishing an affiliate in Imperial County, supporting the existing affiliates, and the north and central region coordinators as they work to grow affiliates.