Legal Document Assistant Services

You’ve got a problem with your landlord?
I bet I’ve got your solution – no matter what your budget is.

Landlord-tenant conflict is stressful and time-consuming — but don’t freak out! I provide affordable self-help services to savvy do-it-yourself-ers like you. If you’re on a tight budget or you want to represent yourself in Court, I can help you fill out your forms & get you on the right track.

Or – maybe you’ve already moved out of your apartment and you need to sue your landlord in small claims court to get back your security deposit. I’ve got you covered on that, too.

Do you have a general question about landlord-tenant law, or your rights as a tenant? I can’t tell you what to do, but I CAN provide you with the best self-help guides available, complete with letter templates and highlights of relevant California law.

Maybe your issue is more complicated and you think you might need an attorney, but you don’t know who to ask? No sweat, I can refer you to a low-cost attorney who specializes in tenants’ rights.

I’ve got the resources you need.


If you’re under the gun with a deadline, call me right away!


If you’ve been served with eviction papers and you need help filing an Answer, I need to hear from you no later than 5 DAYS after you were served!! Get in touch with me asap — it cannot wait!!

Q. How much do services cost?

A. I charge $100 – $200 for filing Answer, depending on your budget, how many people need to file the Answer, and how many other forms you need to fill out.

Q. Can I make payments?

A. Absolutely. You can break your fee into two payments over the course of two weeks. I know times are tough.

Q. I’m totally broke. Can you still help me?

A. Probably! I can give you a free video lesson on the eviction process in Los Angeles County. It contains a short instructional section on how to fill out your Answer.

Q. Is there anything else you help with?

A. Yes! I specialize in landlord-tenant conflicts. You can ask me anything – just fill out the intake sheet I send you.

Q. What other legal troubles can you help me with besides landlord-tenant problems?

A. I also help people fight wage garnishments. Read your papers carefully and MAKE SURE you get in touch with me at least 5 days before your time to object expires.

~~Schedule an appointment with me~~
Fill out this intake sheet first so you can make the most of your time on the phone with me.


The Fine Print:

As a registered Legal Document Assistant, I provide Los Angeles residents with affordable, legal self-help services on a sliding scale fee.  The most common legal challenges I help clients with are evictions, small claims, and wage garnishment.  I am not an attorney, so I cannot provide legal advice, but I can assist you in filling out forms, provide you with a host of Court-approved resources, and explain what your day in Court will be like.

If you would like to sue someone, you may contact me at any time, but I urge you to review the self-help section at and check the Statute of Limitations for your particular grievance.

Registration No.: 2016256934 Expires: 10/16/2017
Business Address: 1012 N. Hudson Ave. #4 Los Angeles, CA 90038
Business Phone: 909-239-7098

**A legal document assistant is someone who provides legal self help services at the discretion of the client. This does not include actual legal advice, which may only come from an attorney.**



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