Legal Document Assistant Services

As a registered Legal Document Assistant, I provide affordable, legal self-help services on a sliding scale fee.  The most common legal challenges I help clients with are evictions, small claims, and wage garnishment.  I am not an attorney, so I cannot provide legal advice, but I can assist you in filling out forms, provide you with a host of Court-approved resources, and explain what your day in Court will be like.

For Evictions, you MUST contact me within FIVE (5) days of receiving a Summons.

For Wage Garnishment, you MUST contact me within TEN (10) days of receiving your Notice of Garnishment.

For Small Claims, if you are a being sued, you MUST contact me at least five (5) days PRIOR to your Court date. If you would like to sue someone, you may contact me at any time, but I urge you to review the self-help section at and check the Statute of Limitations for your particular grievance.