Latest Podcasts and Updates About My Chair Race

Last week, I appeared on Pete Quinones’ podcast and shared some tough love thoughts on the Libertarian Party. You can find the episode here.

The best way to help the Libertarian Party get back on track with better messaging and liberty activism is to get involved in your local, county level party. Join and commit to be active at least once a month. In Los Angeles, you can join at

You can hear more of my thoughts on the future of the LP at Fritz Cast and Yer Talkin Over Me Podcast

Save California’s Restaurants

The California Libertarian Party Mises Caucus is sponsoring a petition to end the bans on outdoor dining in LA County. We need to start locally and gain enough support in blue metropolitan cities to the point that Gavin Newsom loses his support base.

Fight locally, then fight at the state level. We’ll be attaching the signatures to a proposed resolution to refuse to follow Newsom’s orders to close outdoor dining.

Let’s take this first step together. Please share the petition and support your local restaurants in the meantime.

Libertarian Podcast Appearances

I’ll be on Pete Quinones’ podcast this week, Free Man Beyond the Wall. Pete has a fantastic podcast. You can find it on all the usual channels, including Stitcher and Youtube. I also recommend you search out his Substack.

Earlier this week, I recorded with Why Libertarian

and Mark Selzer, former LA County LP Chair

Why so many podcasts appearances? Well, why not? I’m interested in changing the culture within the Libertarian Party and I need to make the case with as many people as possible.

Debate! Who Should Libertarians Vote for?

Are you ready to see me smash opponents in a political debate? Check out the Soho Forum debate this Wednesday, 7/22!

Soho FOrum Debate

From The Soho Forum:

For Biden:

Ilya Somin is an accomplished author and Professor of Law at George Mason University. He writes extensively about democratic theory, property rights, federalism, and immigration.

For Jorgensen:

Angela McArdle is a litigation paralegal, Chair of the Libertarian Party of Los Angeles County, and two time congressional candidate. Angela is also a co-organizer for the protest efforts against the Stay at Home Orders in Los Angeles, and works as a cultural activist for liberty..

For Trump:

Francis Menton writes the popular Manhattan Contrarian blog ( which has been featured in outlets that include Real Clear Politics, Power Line, and Instapundit. He is a retired litigator.

Rally for Freedom on Memorial Day

Tyrannical Mayor Eric Garcetti and the LA County Board of Supervisors have extended the Los Angeles lockdown through the end of July without providing any solid reason or evidence that an extension is warranted. This extension comes at roughly the same time as the news story that 51% of LA’s coronavirus cases come from nursing homes and institutional care facilities. There is no rhyme or reason to the county’s authoritarian measures.

Join up with other libertarians and freedom-minded people on Memorial Day at Los Angeles City Hall.

Attendees are encouraged to bring a mask to avoid ticketing and police detection. Please respect other people who want to practice social distancing, and plan to park several blocks away or take public transportation. There is no parking near City Hall and many of the pay lots are closed.


LPC Bylaws Report

The LPC Convention is just around the corner and that means we’ll be voting on changes to the bylaws! I was on the Bylaws Committee this year and I’ve shared some of my thoughts in this youtube video.

You can can find the full text of the official bylaws report below.

2019 Bylaws Committee Report-Final 1.25.19 (1) (2)

One of the the important roles executive committee officers fill is to participate in committees at the state level.  This past year, I was on way too many committees – but the roles needed to be filled and I was happy to step up and do the work. If I’m elected as Southern Region Coordinator next year, I hope to stay on the Social Media Committee, Candidate Support Committee, and possibly the Bylaws Committee. If elected, I would be on the Affiliate Support Committee by default, because of the role that I’d play supporting and growing affiliates.

What Is Operation First Steps?

Everyone in Los Angeles County is talking about the Libertarian Party’s “Operation First Steps.”  What is it, exactly?  Operation First Steps is a plan to get libertarians elected to local offices.  I’m leading the Libertarian Party of Los Angeles’ effort to impact real, measurable change in local policy.  This means identifying winnable races and running successful campaigns.

Why local offices?

For a small party like us, small races are where we should be focusing.  We have the budget, volunteers, and other resources necessary to start making an impact in local taxes, zoning and regulation issues.   Los Angeles is one of the most expenses places to live in the country – and it’s because of our local government.  Oppressive parking regulations, high sales tax, aggressive zoning restrictions, outrageous, multi-tiered small business taxes, and crony-controlled development are just a few of the tyrannical problems we face with Los Angeles City Council.

We’re fighting to fix it!

With the right tools and right leadership, change is possible.  We can start to scale back government encroachment, save our paychecks, and grow the party.  It’s my hope that I can share my strategies with the other counties in Southern California so libertarians can start to see a wave of change sweep across California.