I’m running for Chair of the national Libertarian Party in 2022. As part of my campaign, I’m traveling across the country to speak at libertarian state conventions. If you’d like to support my campaign (and the other liberty activism I do in LA, you can become a patron on Patreon, or make a one time donation through Paypal.

I will update this page with a crypto link soon.


I provide low cost and pro bono legal services for business fighting against lockdowns, curfews, and all manner of government tyranny. This stuff is hard work. As I gather more clients, and provide resources to other activists, I’m doing under the guise of a new, small business: The Get Free Center.

The Get Free Center is dependent upon financial support from people like you who want to see liberty achieved in our lifetimes.

If you’d like to become a supporter of The Get Free Center, you can set up a monthly donation through Patreon or make a one time donation through PayPal.

Monthly supporters receive special activism resources and advice on how to grow their own movements. Join the fight to take back our cities.

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