Recap: The Colorado LP Convention

The Mises Caucus swept the Colorado LP elections, taking 10/11 executive committee/board positions.

How did it go down?

A lot of work went into this takeover. Marc aka Funkhauser worked his ass off to get everyone to show up and vote. I can’t stress enough how important the organizer role is for convention purposes.

It takes a lot of coordination to get people to check all the boxes for participation: membership, voter registration, hotel/travel logistics, showing up on time, getting credentialed, getting plugged into internal communications (Discord, Telegram, Signal, etc.), passing out voter guides, explaining RONR, understanding the bylaws & communicating the relevant portions to new members in a digestible way…the list goes on and on.

Here are two important tips for organizing at convention: 1) Know what hotel rooms people are staying in so you can knock/wake them up if they oversleep from partying, and 2) Keep people fed and supplied with alcohol while they are in the business room.


Saturday and Sunday, convention business took place and the LPMC politely dominated the room. They helped to facilitate business by not knit-picking every proposal to death and they called the question when debate got too long-winded. I recommend that other states adopt this strategy. It makes you the good guy and shows that you have the best interests of the party in mind. Colorado’s lone outspoken Loser Brigade guy rubbed everyone the wrong way by repeatedly being rude and confrontational on the mic, and he was boo’d on Sunday for trying to disenfranchise voters. The tide in CO has turned.

Wayne Harlos was elected Chair, Hannah Goodman was elected Vice Chair, and Caryn Ann Harlos was elected Secretary. This is a solid lineup and I’m optimistic about the activism the Colorado party will be doing during the next year. 

The LPMC has a healthy alliance with the Radicals and this was evident in the CO election outcome. I believe it will continue to grow in the coming year as we continue to make the Libertarian Party libertarian again.

My next conventions will be Delaware June 4th – 5th, Florida June 11th – 13th, North Carolina June 18th, and Michigan June 26th.

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