What Is Operation First Steps?

Everyone in Los Angeles County is talking about the Libertarian Party’s “Operation First Steps.”  What is it, exactly?  Operation First Steps is a plan to get libertarians elected to local offices.  I’m leading the Libertarian Party of Los Angeles’ effort to impact real, measurable change in local policy.  This means identifying winnable races and running successful campaigns.

Why local offices?

For a small party like us, small races are where we should be focusing.  We have the budget, volunteers, and other resources necessary to start making an impact in local taxes, zoning and regulation issues.   Los Angeles is one of the most expenses places to live in the country – and it’s because of our local government.  Oppressive parking regulations, high sales tax, aggressive zoning restrictions, outrageous, multi-tiered small business taxes, and crony-controlled development are just a few of the tyrannical problems we face with Los Angeles City Council.

We’re fighting to fix it!

With the right tools and right leadership, change is possible.  We can start to scale back government encroachment, save our paychecks, and grow the party.  It’s my hope that I can share my strategies with the other counties in Southern California so libertarians can start to see a wave of change sweep across California.

Published by angelamcardle

Paralegal, legal document assistant, Congressional Candidate for 34th District

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